Shopping, Payment, and Ordering Systems

  • Novelty: Methods and systems for shopping and automatically ordering a consumable for at a device interface. Also, a system for providing automatic proof of payment for consumables within ‘pay-as-you-go’ devices without manually supplying a code or requiring the device contact a payment center
  • Importance: A valuable portfolio for e-commerce companies, or companies producing or selling consumable products
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  • Novelty: Improved methods for: capturing and processing digital images; ranking, annotating, retrieving, and displaying multimedia information; and multimedia database design
  • Importance: A valuable portfolio for companies providing multimedia solutions
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Document Services; Mobile Devices

  • Novelty: Efficient, Secure Access to Document Services via Mobile Devices
  • Importance: A valuable portfolio for mobile device and document services companies
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Machine-Readable Hardcopy

  • Novelty: Producing identifiable sheets for a computer system with machine-readable markings
  • Importance: A valuable portfolio for companies involved in hardcopy document tracking, especially financial and legal services
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Networking & Servers

  • Novelty: Secure document services and search functionality over a network
  • Importance: A valuable portfolio for companies providing document devices and document services via a network
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Mobile Computing; Wireless Networks; Telematics

  • Novelty: Wireless communication systems to provide improved document services
  • Importance: A valuable portfolio for companies providing wireless solutions, document devices, and document services
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Image Processing; Digital Graphics Editing

  • Novelty: Method and system to determine independent regions within a scanned image, de-screen digitally scanned documents or images, and image compression using Mixed Raster Content (MRC)
  • Importance: A valuable portfolio for companies providing scanners, imaging equipment, and multimedia or graphic design software
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Knowledge Management, Enhanced Document Creation, and Document Authoring Assistance

  • Novelty: The enrichment of documents from automatic or user-generated queries, via automatic or user-selected results from various services, optionally connected to a fee-based payment system
  • Importance: A portfolio for companies providing knowledge management and document enrichment solutions
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Web Content, Workflow, and Analytics

  • Novelty: Improved techniques for browsing, managing, presenting web content, and analyzing the consumption of web content
  • Importance: A valuable portfolio for companies providing web search and analytics, as well as content, information, and workflow management
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