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Technology Transfer at Xerox

Xerox Patent Sales and Technology Licensing

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Patent Offerings via IAM Market
Xerox has engaged IAM Market as a patent sale advertising channel of patents resulting from Xerox’s extensive investment in research and development in diverse technologies. Patent offerings can be viewed by subscribers of IAM at

Internet & Wireless Economy
Patents available for sale or license relating to core technologies in the E-Commerce, Web Services, and Location-Based Services spaces.

Cloud Storage & Electronic Documents
The technologies described by the Cloud Storage & Electronic Documents portfolio represent an increasingly important part of both "Web 2.0" and the broader economy. These technologies have enabled many of the key features of the shift in the mid-2000s from the "static" Web to the "dynamic" Web. The Cloud Storage & Electronic Documents portfolio is available for sale or license.

High-strength, electrically conductive contacts that are formed by bundling thousands of carbon fibers composites into a single contact point. CarbonConX® is more reliable, less costly, and less susceptible to corrosion than metal contacts.

Correlation Marks
A collection of technologies based on correlation and interference effects, where two correlated halftone patterns are printed together with some spatial displacement between them.

Customer Replaceable Unit Monitor
A process by which the state or status of consumable subsystems can be monitored to enhance the efficiency or productivity of the machine on which it is installed.

EA Microspheres
Emulsion Aggregation (EA) is a new technology for the preparation of microspheres where 1-15 micron size particles can be grown from smaller, nanometer size constituents.

Electronic Paper Systems, Films, and Materials
Xerox offers patents for sale or license that present unique opportunities for the development of new devices and applications such as microsphere materials and films, z-axis addressing, dynamic digital signage, e-paper security, microsphere encapsulation and dispersion systems.

Enhanced Oil Recovery
Xerox has patents for license or sale, that describe the use of pre-defined ultrasonic waveforms to increase the recovery of the oil from oil reservoirs. Currently available recovery methods recover only about half of the oil in a natural oil reservoir. Use of this technology can potentially increase oil production.

Erasable/Reusable Paper
Xerox is offering patents for license or sale that present unique opportunities for an environmentally friendly and cost effective alternative to current printing technologies.

Generic Visual Categorizer
Automatically classify images based on visual content / Train your own Visual Categorizer from a collection of tagged images.

Image Sensor
Xerox has developed a Full Width Array (FWA) image sensor that is the best in its class for speed and image quality in traditional document scanning markets.

MEMSJet Drop Ejector
A high-speed and precise MEMS (Micro ElectroMechanical System) based drop ejector that provides the capability to deliver extremely small drop sizes in a reliable manner.

Optical MEMS
This technology breaks the bandwidth barrier that exists today by integrating an Optical MEMS photonic switch with planar light circuits on a single silicon chip small enough to fit on a fingertip.

Printable Organic Electronics: Di-Electric Materials Technology
Xerox’s Organic Electronics comprises low-cost, on-demand processes and material designs to enable several functions and applications for electronic circuits on a variety of substrates -- from rigid (glass, silicon, etc.) to flexible (polyimide, metal foil, paper, etc.).

Xerox researchers have developed a novel color printing technology that allows multiple images to be combined in a single hard copy print, yet allows users to view the images one image at a time by exposing it to a specific color of light.

Text Categorization and Clustering
Classify electronic documents based on content, even without a predefined taxonomy.

Xerox Incremental Parser
Fine-grained linguistic analysis for contextual entity recognition and fact extraction.

Patent Portfolios Available for Sale
Xerox has identified several diverse portfolios available immediately for acquisition and cover a wide variety of technologies. Brief overviews and details of each are available on the following pages. Contact us to discuss acquisition of one or more portfolio.